The Sweet Surrender

A Shibari Medicine Journey

I am going to take you on an empowered journey of descent,

dissolution and ascension, from caterpillar to butterfly.

Cocooning, dissolving into the goo of the unknown and emerging with

wings of new life and discoveries.

It’s a Shamanic ritual of exploring polarities and an initiation into new

levels of trust and surrender.

This is a voyage to connect with lost or forgotten pieces of yourself and reclaim the power hidden in them, discover part that long to be seen and experience a self-generated and initiated state of

expanded awareness that can bring deep revelations, insight and healing to come

through and forth.


The art of Sacred Bondage

Shibari is an ancient Japanese style of bondage that uses ropes to bind the body into different postures. It assists the mind to enter a state of release and let go, softness and ease, giving access to a space of

surrender that allows our emotional, energetic and mental body to journey and bring insight, revelation, enjoyment and pleasure to life.

Tight binding, similarly to hugs and touch, enhances the natural production of endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that are connected to healing, health, relaxation, pleasure and potentially states

of expanded consciousness.

Rope Is a mean of communication, a way to create and narrate a story that will take you wherever you want to go and beyond; where ritual, ceremony, loving presence and sacredness are the pillars of the temple and container for this journey that can be of fully connection with yourself or a deep dive into the void.



Sessions are around 2hrs long and consist of:

  1. Introduction, Conversation of intentions, desires, fears, boundaries and agreements.
  2. Creating and activating the Container
  3. The Sweet Surrender: Descent-Dissolution-Ascension-Integration
  4. After session Sharing
  5. Follow up/Check in Call (the following days)

Sessions begin with a conversation about what it is that you want to experience, fears, desires, boundaries, what’s the kind of interaction and dynamic that is going to take place and setting intentions for the session. Where attention and intention go, energy flows. It’s the essential

set-up that starts setting the foundations for the session to take place.

We move onto creating and opening the energetic, physical and sacred container that will hold space for this Medicine Journey using ritual and ceremony infused with shamanic essence, as a means to call in what will support the journey and anchor your consciousness to drop into the


Descent begins Through the activation of your physical, energetic and emotional body using tools as breathwork, dance, movement or emotional release tools we dive into a space of connection with yourself that is essential for you to make the most out of the session. Coming into full presence, dropping into the body and letting things unravel from that point on.

Arriving to the core of the session, the underworld or dissolution phase of the journey is an invitation to immerse yourself into the void and discover the pearls of wisdom that await you after the courageous act of leaping into the unknown. What happens on this phase will depend on your specific intentions and what it is that you want to experience. Can be wild, can be wise, can be everything and nothing at all.

Flowing into ascension, letting energy, emotions, sensations and feelings to move and dance while unbinding the body and expanding into trust, surrender and bliss. Time for slowly solo journey to integration, where the harvest of the session happens as you come fully into

the present time and space, gathering the jewels and pearls of wisdom of the voyage. supported and witnessed in loving presence.

This is a medicine journey, and as such it's possible that will continue working and moving things inside you the following days. It brings an opportunity to continue gathering gifts from what you experienced, with new perspectives, and i am available for a 30' follow up call for you to share more insights and revelations and also to remind you how powerful and courageous you are and what you've accomplished along the way.