Shakti Worshiping

Honoring your Sacred Nature and Being

This session is a transformational, powerful and empowering way to reclaim and honor the Sacred Lands of your body and the gateway to the Divine that you carry in your genitals: your Yoni (that translates as Sacred Space in Sanskrit) Both are sacred lands, longing to be worshiped and cared for as such.

This Session is an opportunity to access a physical-emotional-energetical & mental

upgrade and update at a cellular level activating the knowing you're a

powerhouse that deserves the best for your benefit and the benefit of all.

Sessions can include: Psychosomatic/Shamanic processes to revisit and clear painful, dramatic, unsolved or

traumatic situations-experiences, emotional embodiment & release processes, pressure point bodywork,

energy work, Kashmiri Tantra Massage techniques, Yoni massage and Yoni de-armoring,

Sacred Spot Ritual and other tools that will support your intentions for the session, where you want to go

and feel on the other side of it, guided by my experience and supported by Higher Wisdom

pointing out where we need to direct the focus and what needs to happen. All held in a shamanic sacred space for healing, growth, transformation, life force energy & sexuality reclamation and activation

A Yoni Massage/Yoni Healing session can:

  • Resensitize numb areas of your genitals, internally and externally
  • Allow access to higher levels of pleasure
  • Clear traumatic and painful imprints that are stored in your body, pelvic floor and genitals
  • Activate the flow of Life Force and Kundalini Energy
  • Infuse your capacity of channeling creativity and bring it into form

Connect you with new levels of awareness of your sexuality and body

Clearing, Healing and Shifting

It will assist you to move from contraction, confusion, fear, numbness, pain, and disconnection towards integration, expansion, openness, confidence, trust, wholeness, unity, Bliss and pleasure.

This session can support the release of old imprints in your system, connected with past relationships, challenging moments and painful memories as well as opening up your capacity to experience pleasure, Bliss and the celebration of who you are.

A wide range of emotions and sensations can come up as Life force energy becomes active and starts moving through you. Whatever needs to be seen and comes up is welcomed, and I'm there holding space for it to come forth and for you to feel safe as we navigate the waves of the session and harvest the gifts of the experience.

I'm ready and present to meet you, your dragon, your angel, your Shakti, your Kali, your Goddess, your animal and your spirit to rise higher into Life.



Sessions can be between 2 and 3hrs long and consist of:

  1. Introduction - Setting intentions, sharing desires, fears, boundaries and agreements for the session.
  2. Creating and opening the Container
  3. Shakti Worshipping – Tailored to your intention and where you are at.
  4. Integration
  5. After session Sharing
  6. Follow up/Check in Call (the following days)

Sessions begin with a conversation, essential to set-up the container for the session and the foundations of what’s going to take place. We will talk about intentions, desires, fears and boundaries for this session and from this conversation it will be revealed the best approach to support your intention and process. 

We move onto creating and opening the energetic, physical and sacred container that will hold space for this Healing Journey, activating the space and calling in whatever support is necessary to drop into the experience in full awareness and loving presence where everything is welcomed. 

The session continues flowing into the core of it based on your intentions. This is a Sacred Space where all of you is welcomed, acknowledged and appreciated, activating the knowing that there will be many gifts and treasures to be found during the session and more will be revealed in the following days. 

At the end, You will have a cocooning moment, an integration space, where touch is completely removed from your field so you can start journeying through the experience and gather the harvests and richness of it

After there is space for sharing (if you feel the need to verbally share what moved through you) some of the insights and perspectives gifted by the session, celebrate what has been revealed and appreciate the experience with all it brought about. Sometimes more insights come when sharing and also the opportunity to offer extra resources that will support your integration on the following days. You may decide not to share, and that is also welcomed! 

I am available for a check in the days after, and you’re welcomed and encouraged to share whatever it is that is moving through you. Some like to talk about their experience right away, others need time and space. Both are perfect.  

A garden starts with a seed, and this can be the first seeding for a marvellous and abundant harvest of bliss, transformation, evolution and healing.

On Yoni Massage...

“Isn’t it supposed to be given by a woman?”

The answer is; not necessarily.

The answer comes from a conversation about Sexual Healing and Yoni Massage

I was having with a couple of women. One of them asked: “Isn’t it supposed to

be given from a woman?” Awesome to bring this on the table to share

perspectives and experiences. 

Yes, you can receive a Yoni Massage from a woman, and it’s going to be super powerFull, amazing

and in certain cases the perfect approach for where you are at in that specific moment.

There’s something special in the space created by two women, two sisters working together in this field.

And, YES you can receive a Yoni Massage from a man. It will open up an opportunity to

break through deeply rooted pieces that will only pop up and play out when the

Masculine essence is present and embodied by a man that is holding space for you and assisting

your process of going deep into those parts in and empowered and conscious way,

bringing lots of healing. (a sister can hold that point too yet it’s different

as she is in a female body and her way of expressing the masculine can be

completely different). 

Being held, witnessed, cared for, honoured and worshiped in all that you are

in the container of a sexual somatic healing session by a man can entirely shift and rewire

imprints in your system from dramatic, traumatic, unresolved, painful and/or supressed memories

and experiences, accessing them with new awareness and shining light on them, opening up the possibility for you to create a complete different reality in your life and interactions and giving your system

a new set of imprints, healing your relationship with Men and the Masculine as well as

an empowered activation of your Feminine.

The space created by embodied Polarities of masculine and feminine (aka a man and a woman doing

the work together) has the potential to access pockets of the long record of painful and traumatic events

in the collective Masculine-Feminine relating field and liberating us from its burden and limitations.

This is where Sexual Somatic Healing becomes transpersonal.

We are Clearing ancient memories and imprints from our cells and DNA, resetting our inner compass and system for ourselves, the ones next to us and opening new paths for future generations. 


“In am deeply grateful for the experience. Juan created a space, where all emotions were welcomed and 

I could relax into my fears. I could see them transform and soon felt safe and supported

With his presence and his touch he allowed me to feel my own sacredness

and I understood that my body really is a sacred temple

I had never experienced this before and shifted into a completely new level of self love and appreciation. 

Thank you Juan for your dedication and this work that really moved me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level”


Violinist and Performer


Coming out of a relationship that felt restrictive, my intention for my session with Juan was to reclaim full ownership of my body, sovereignty over how I choose to use and share this beautiful vessel that

allows me to experience physical pleasure.

I had desired a Yoni massage for a long time and I knew that giving myself permission for this experience would be a powerful statement towards my freedom. A sacred embodiment.

Knowing Juan and his work, I was sure that I would discover hidden potentials of my body... I was surprised to find myself quivering from the first subtle touches on my back, and orgasming in stillness.

A month later, I feel so free and sexy, empowered, strong and wild... Unleashed!


Product Manager


"I have released a lot since our session.

I have really dealt with a lot surrounding the sexual energy I had built up and not released.

It feels really transformed now and I feel like my creativity is flowing in a new and positive way"



"Juan is a master of art, holding sacred space for shamanic tantric healing that traverses the realms of what's apparent and that in my experience entered a space that's deeply Divine and opens portals into other dimensions.

He's highly intuitive, works with integrity and gives a safe space for whatever is ready to unfold in the moment"


Tantra Facilitator


"I went to Juan with the problem that I found difficult to express and be witnessed in pleasure because I felt shame around it. I have done a lot of work to free my sexuality and I was frustrated that this piece was still holding me back. I found it difficult to ask for this, even in a sacred sexual healing session context, because of a sense of unworthiness. Juan held a very safe, non judgmental space, supporting and encouraging me to go very deep into these issues and reprogram them on an emotional, energetic, and physical level. Now when I find myself falling into those old patterns, I have a potent reference point in my system to help me find my way out

Jennifer Joy

Sacred Sexual Healing Practitioner & DJ


"What I loved about the session is that Juan gave me a safe container where I felt held, heard and seen

I could feel he’s genuine approach, sensing, listening and feeling what my body needed, physically, energetically, verbally and emotionally. His way of holding space ,observing, and acting on the right way allowed me to dive into my process and also integrate what came up at my own pace afterwards.  It was amazing!!!"

Mahara McKay

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Teacher


“I Really enjoyed the session with Juan. I had an idea beforehand yet I was surprised to experience 

something completely different, beyond the physical aspects of Tantra. I experienced energy opening up 

and shifting in my body. It was really beautiful, expanding, with lots of internal energetic movement 

and heart opening” 

Claudia B. 

IT Teacher and Mentor


"The session helped me to gain more awareness about the problem I wanted to work with. My session went to all kind of places, being a therapist myself sometimes I wanted it to go in a particular direction and Juan could hold space in a trustful way so 

I could go deeper in myself and let go. I felt contained in a strongly safe space with him

tuning and feeling into my story with lots of presence and with a skill set that make him flexible to approach different situations.  

After the session many beautiful things happened to me that I was so longing for. I noticed a big shift in very important parts 

of myself and I’m deeply thankful for Juan and the work we’ve done” 

Joy Fulwari

Primal Rebirth Therapyst - Kashmiriy Tantra Massage Practitioner