(…also known as cock talks…)

This is an epic podcast where we’ll be sharing amazing conversations between men,
brothers coming together to talk about topics that are important for us
but for some reason we don’t talk about them so often

…and it’s time to do so guys.

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Sexuality, brotherhood, relationships, life purpose, sharing our exploration of being a man these days, reprograming and redefining masculinity, challenges, insights, discoveries and the experience we’re having and what’s moving inside of us along the way.

It’s about masculinity, and also about femininity. An awakened and conscious man is the one that’s also in touch with its emotions and dares to talk about them in open, transparent and vulnerable way discovering that strength resides in that humble space. And believe me, there’s something super powerful and inspiring in doing so among other men. We get to see the other, we get to be seen. We are both aspects of creation.

We’re walking the path of awakening to a new way of being a Man in this world, what does it mean to us? how do we walk that pathless path? as we remember old ways and infuse them with our discoveries from this present time.

If you’re here, we’re for sure in a similar quest in life, wanting to bring forth our best version, grow as lovers, beloveds, partners, friends, as men…as Human Beings.

This is from men, about men, to men, and for everyone. Women are also welcomed to listen, to share, and express what is their curiosity and what they also want to hear a man or a couple of brothers speaking about. I feel this is how we can bring healing, clarity and expansion in our relationship field and open up new ways of relating between men and women.


LINGAM is a Sanskrit word that translates something like “Wand of light”.
Coming from the Tantra lineage (among many other cultures) that brings wisdom
connected to the sacred aspect of our sexuality and our human nature.
Embracing the dance of the polarities within and without,
and welcoming all that is.

Our LINGAM is a gateway to the Divine, if we are willing to discover Its secrets and medicines, which definitely requires dedication and awareness. I’m speaking beyond the kind of now mainstream idea of Ejaculation control which sometimes is connected to Tantra and other traditions, actually it’s the key through we can also access our emotions and open up to a whole new world of exploration within ourselves, practicing and mastering the understanding of how life force energy moves and expresses itself, as it is a pure reflection of the Divine, that has the power to create life. And that can look in many different ways. Yes, Can look like a baby, but also as creativity, as our capacity to take action towards those things that make our hearts dance and sing, direction towards the goal we want to achieve and be who we are.

Every time I’m having the opportunity to gather with a group of men or with a brother supporting each other in any way I enjoy bringing that element of sacredness to the table.

Sounding maybe too airy fairy? Here’s when the “COCK TALKS” piece comes out.

Don’t Panic! It’s Organic! What I mean is that the intention is also to ground all these concepts and ideas, in a way that can be understood, grasped and applied directly to our lives. We will be having experts on many of the things that will pop up, so they can help us to understand more about our nature and how that can be translated and taken into our everyday lives.

After all, we’re this divine and orgasmic combination of polarities, that are manifested in our bodies. So, there you go, Divine and Mundane, Sacred and Human. Coming together.

Let’s see how this turns out, this is just the beginning.

It might shift, change, grow, expand…well, a bit just like a LINGAM does, right? It’s alive, it’s unique, it’s beautiful. Cheekiness aside, this is an invitation to explore together and see where this road leads us to.

So, get yourself ready, and start enjoying