LINGAM DIALOGUES – Episode 01 – Ling…What?!

On this first episode, we sit together with my brother Tyran Mowbray, The Hairy Healer,
to share a little bit about what this series it’s about.
Definitely a nice example of our journeys around Sacredness and Humanness,  the Primal and Divine.
Setting up the foundations for what’s gonna unfold. Just the beginning!

Lingam Dialogues / Episode 01 / Ling…What?


LINGAM DIALOGUES – Episode 02 – Self Pleasure for Men

Dear brothers, give it a listen, and share your feelings around it.

What does pleasure means to you?

How much conditioning you discover within yourself?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read self pleasure?

Perhaps it’s the drive to find that stimulation from outside through someone else or stimulating yourself with pornography when you’re alone, going for a quick release, a fix, that at the end leaves you empty… and with your hands, the laptop or your blanket with all this juicy nectar you carry thrown away as a discharge of your body wrapped into a piece of tissue… You know what i’m talking about, and Let’s be honest i betcha many times you find that moment quite disgusting. When actually it could be experienced in a complete different way.

Find out more on the podcast, I share my experience on this practice and how you can start exploring this known territory but with a new awareness.

You might discover new spaces of yourself and a vast playground for your exploration!

I want to hear from you and your comments, reflections and insights

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Lingam Dialogues / Episode 02 / Self Pleasure for Men