From very young, I’ve experienced an amazing Hero’s Journey, following the subtle yet clear voice of my Intuition and my Heart’s Wisdom.

Taking me to different explorations and many lives in this same life time.
Exploring the fields of Body Art, Entrepreneurship, Permaculture and Transition Movement, Spirituality, Sexuality, Sexual healing and Bodywork, Shamanism, Self Development, Relationships and Community living.

All these experiences brought me tools, resources, processes and wisdom that helped me to go from having reached and hitted rock bottom to be living the life of my dreams.

Fully activated, enlivened, juiced up and having fun during the process!

I leapt into the unknown and dared to step over the edge of my comfort zone many times, simply following the inner guidance. The last one I did took me on a life changing journey with a one way ticket to India, deep trust and the clear intention of finding tools and resources that would support my growth and others in our quest of living this beautiful gift that life with a full YES!!!

I ended up finding MUCH more than that

An Epic Hero’s Journey

Shedding skins, facing challenges,
Releasing emotions, facing limiting beliefs,
Diving deep within, rising high,
leaping into the unknown,
Over and over again.

Trusting and surrendering
To the will of the Divine.
Trust that I’m fully guided, supported and provided for.
Surrender to the unknown and my ideas on how things should be or come my way.
All I was asked is to show up.
And I courageously continue to do so.

As I showed up, The Gift did the same, in unexpected ways
opening doors for more growth and discoveries.

OK, that sounds like a lot! It is, and it has been such a wonderful ride…

And, how did it look like?

Had the blessing to fully deep dive and exploring the fields of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality in Festivals, retreats and events in India, Sex positive community experiences in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe, Tantra Massage training in Holland, transformational experiences at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) trainings Sexual Spirital Shamanic experience Level 1 and Sexual Spiritual Shamanic Initiation Level 2 in Thailand as a participant, Level 1 again as an assistant, having finished the ISTA Practitioner Training in Czech Republic and deepening my skills as a Sex positive community leader, educator and sexual somatic healing practitioner.

Along the way, always dedicated and committed to spread the gifts of this amazing life journey, through workshops, events, transformational experiences and online contents in different festivals and places all over the world.

I have witnessed massive positive changes in people’s life and also I speak for myself, that it made a complete difference on how I experience life.

I continue leaping into the unknown, that’s where life it’s happening, and the gifts that life reveals when we courageously jump off the cliff are enormous!

I’m committed to expand this wisdom to the world, reaching everyone that’s ready to take the step and their lives to the next level