So, This is a big one uh?

We all want to have a smooth, fun, easy going flowing relationship experience.

When you show up for your relating,
Who’s riding the horse?
Who’s taking the lead?

Is the fully empowered, Activated and whole being you are?

Or is it the wounded one?

Been there, more than what I would’ve liked or wanted to, and it created totally the opposite of what I was calling in, desiring, and wanting to create. And nobody’s to blame, as relationship (or ReaLationship) it’s the perfect container and mirror for all of our wounding and unprocessed stuff to come out.

And there’s always a bit more to see, until you reach the point of understanding that relationship can be, and is, a spiritual path.

A path of self development, just as any other you can choose. Sacred relationships, that’s what I’m talking about here, and a space that I’m tapping into and bring able to experience as a reflection of so much self work done to become free of my own shit. Ready to meet another from a space of wholeness. And believe me, it’s so worth it. The gifts are enormous! What a shift, when we can approach each other as a Temple, as a Shrine of Love.

A path, where humanness can be in service of Spirit, as what brings two beings (or more if it’s the case) together it’s far bigger than the personalities that each carry, and what a difference it makes when relating is approached in this awareness: it is for mutual personal and spiritual growth.

In that space, there’s no more you or me as captains of this -ship, in a ship there’s only one captain, and this is Love. ⁣

How do we want to show up for this journey, to the core of ourselves? Are we fully showing up, cracked open? Or is there some reservation, some holding back? And if so, what’s there underneath? What needs to die and doesn’t want to? How can this area be illuminated in the safe container of being seen and witnessed acknowledged and held by the other, so that I can safely surrender and blossom into new fragrances and nourishment for the relationship?⁣

I’m not saying we are in relating to loose ourselves, totally the opposite. We’re in relating to find ourselves more and more, to be witnesses of our being, rise and grow into Love, holding space for ourselves, for the other, and the SupraBeing that emerges from our coming together. ⁣

We can see our challenges, our wounds, our defensive mechanisms, our unprocessed stuff. And it requires a lot of courage to be seen and dare to face it all. Are we gonna make love another commodity? Or an amazing resource to propel us into new levels of awareness?⁣

How are you showing up for your relationship? If it’s not meeting your needs, how can you model the relationship you wanna have? Can you clearly communicate what’s coming up for you, with ownership, self awareness, where you’re at and what you need? Can you take responsibility and ownership for the experience you’re having and see beyond the personality?⁣

Action, brings clarity;⁣
And clarity brings action.⁣

This gives freedom of choice, awareness, consciousness, and that allows you, the other, and everyone, to decide what experiences are you opening yourself to In this unique opportunity and gift that Being alive is.⁣

Might be challenging sometimes, as it is also highly infusing, inspiring, fun and nourishing. It’s a path that will most certainly invite you to fully show up playing it big, because you’re worth it, you deserve it, it’s your birthright, you’re beautiful and so enough. ⁣

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