Dear Women, Sisters; from sensitivity and vulnerability, I express some of the challenges we experience as men. It’s not your fault, it’s not ours, yet it’s in our hands to shift this and come together in a different way. ⁣

How tiring and frustrating it is to be initiating all the time facing rejection constantly with high levels of anxiety and uncertainty; exhausting to feel that we have to keep it all together, to feel the pressure and expectation that we need to outstand compared to other men, be unshakable, consistently provide and reflect a state of stability and groundedness (food, shelter, money, etc.)⁣

Women, I know that this comes from conditioning. Your mother, your mother’s mother and who knows how long down the lineage in your family. Neither you or us have been tought differently. And we’re walking a pathless path in healing our collective field of interaction and connection.⁣

We men also Carry our piece. Also conditioned. And we’re coming together to work through them, it is time to do so and we feel your longing too, crying out for us to spiral things up. Our call is Same as yours: we want to meet you and be fully met by you, just as we are. And simply be. Cracked open. Once and for all. Welcoming all of our parts.⁣

We want to welcome your strong masculine, which inspires us to take action and grow into our own masculine. We want our Femenine to be welcomed too, that also reminds you to soften and it’s part of that safety and trust feeling we bring allowing your full openness and surrender.⁣

We want to welcome our own masculine, penetrative, direct, witness, observer, that also allows your cracking open. We want to welcome your Femenine, misterious, unpredictable, expansive, sensitive, expressive, nurturing, that let’s us drop into softening and replenishment, cracking us open too.⁣

We’re both learning to bring this into balance, into form within. And the only way is allowing all of these aspects to be seen and welcomed, beyond any fear, facing stories and woundings and sometimes risking it all.⁣

For us men, is powerful when we can Be held in our vulnerability, surrender and feel safe too, allowed to express ourselves fully and witnessed by you in that space. You don’t have an idea how much lighter, refreshing and easeful feels to drop in that space within a Male body. I hope when you have the chance to hold a man in such a space, that you can become aware of it. And soften with us too.⁣

It is also a pleasure and a gift when we can hold space for all of who you are and love you as you are. You’re beautiful and we love you when you’re sensual, when you’re mad, when you’re wild, when you’re soft, when you also show your vulnerability, and your strength. We enjoy and want to see You.⁣

We’re learning from you the receptive way of doing and processing things. You’re learning from us the active way of doing the same. And viceversa. Isn’t it a beautiful dance? Of gifts being shared, our love making looking in so many different ways beyond the physicality.⁣

We Love you⁣
We Honor You⁣
We Respect You⁣
We See You⁣
We Hear You⁣

And appreciate When we receive the same.⁣

I wanna also bring on the table the voice that experienced being abused, used and taken for granted. Emotionally, physically and sexually. Conditioning again playing its part…It’s not “manly” enough to declare and accept you felt overstepped, used and or abused by a woman. ⁣

How challenging it is when all our phisicality expressing arousal, yet it doesn’t mean we’re ready for penetration. Sometimes i also need to be softened, held, opened up to drop into love making. The times I felt abused in this, was because I couldn’t express my no due to conditioning and fear, and who i was with wasn’t sensitive and present enough to notice where I was.⁣

We’ve been both genders messed up for whatever reason, our immature and unhealthy shadows playing out, and it is only now we’re healing and clearing it all, through awareness and our relating mirrors that compassionately and with tough love call us up on our shit so we can see it. We are ready for the next step.⁣

Theres no one to blame beloved Women, sisters. We’re doing the best we can. ⁣

I bring this inner femenine voice into life, as it’s been speaking to me and to other men I share time with. Aware or not, we also have an energetic yoni-pussy and womb, that speaks and is the one that calls us up on self love, care and respect. Again. Both of us have not been taught to listen to these voices. Now we’re learning they are there, and they are wanting to be heard.⁣

It is time to awake to this dynamics and wash it all away. We both long to connect, meet refreshed, anew, changing the whole way of relating. Dropping stories and woundings from the past. For ourselves and the ones yet to come.⁣

It is time.⁣⁣


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PS: thanks Estera Saraswati for the inspiration. I hear you sister.⁣ 📷 by the Wise Daniel Sun

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