We’re in a time and space of paradigm shifts, and definitely how and what we understand for masculine-feminine energies is part of it.

When it comes to “masculine” energy, we speak about awareness that holds space, inspires and ignites life force energy, empowers, strengthens guides, softens, cracks open, shows its vulnerability, and goes forward, with direction, yet flexible enough to allow change and unexpected magic to happen. That is aware of its lights and shadows, that’s in peace with its feminine aspects and can embrace it all. I like to call this the “Integrated Masculine”.

A key piece for me has been Holding space and being the witness for the feminine; outside and inside of me with Loving Presence.

This is a beautiful dance that takes place for men and women alike, as we are made of the orgasmic meeting of the masculine and feminine, yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti.

In the beginning, I struggled so much to hold space and be present when anger and strong emotional expressions came to light! I was pushed away, scared of that fierce aspect of the feminine that can cut through the BS, that’s ready to rip your head off and eat you. I could see a clear invitation break through the resistance and open. Resisting just made the challenge to persist and showed up in unhealthy relationship dynamics. I wanted to get different experiences, so I had to do things differently.

It invited me to soften, to embrace and welcome that very same energy in me. That powerful Feminine ready to crack you open and let you receive the blessings from it, only if you allow it. I had to learn how to be present for this energy. Within and without.

Holding space for the dance of the feminine has been almost like a gym for the muscle of presence. Pure awareness, or as close as I can get there, observing, loving, embracing the dance I’m witnessing, yet not being carried away by it. No matter the dance; being the pillar that holds space, in pure loving presence. Simply loving, appreciating it. And the training is to be in your center, to know how to come back there all the time, breathe, relax and let things be. Easier said than done for sure! Yet so important to develop, as it’s the way we can both men and women soften and share our medicines with each other.

It gave me more resources to connect also with my feminine, being the experience, the feelings and emotions, intuition, softness and sensitivity, vulnerability, openness and surf the waves of unpredictability.

A man that can connect with its feminine grows stronger rather than weaker. Just as the roots allow a tree to grow more; diving deeper into our inner feminine nourishes and sustains us so we can grow even more in our masculine and bring forth our delicious fruits to share.

Awakening to this “Integrated Masculine” is an ongoing journey  of dropping stories, face fears, heal wounds and break through baggage that holds us back from being our best version. A journey of holding space for ourselves, while we hold space for another, as we cannot give what we don’t have for and give to ourselves. Transparently, openly, truthfully, vulnerably. With all our relationships. Brothers and sisters, we’re so blessed and honored with being part of such an adventure!

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