Inner community: Heart, Mind, Body, Sex center & Intuition connection

Have you ever had that feeling of a massive meeting and conversation going on inside of you?

Inside, we carry a nice community of voices, from each of our centers, with its particular needs, desires, wants, fears, concerns and perspective about any specific thing or situation.

Becoming aware of these voices, allowed me to tap into a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside, and supported me in making decisions, in expressing my truth, in opening up, being vulnerable, being authentic, expressing and acting in integrity, and therefore, expanding my capacity of experiencing life with all that it brings.

Sometimes it’s easier to hear this voices, sometimes takes more time, yet there’s always a lot of juice and wisdom in taking the time of checking in with ourselves what’s going on and from there take the next step.

It’s an ongoing process, which i’m always learning, yet sharing what i found so far also supports me in integrating this awarenes and understanding of the amazing and beautiful creature we are.

How this plays out in your life?

Comment and reflections are super welcomed!

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