Emotions have their purpose. The language of the body, and also the heart.

They act somehow as fire alarm, indicating that something is off and is waking us up to see what’s there.
They also allow us to connect deeper with the experience that’s present. We feel empathy for someone’s experience, we’re touched or triggered by a situation, an emotion comes up for example passion, excitement, sadness, happiness, and a physical response comes out too, a smile, laughter, tears, contraction, expansion, etc.
Trough emotions we connect and link to others, to what’s there. Bringing valuable information of what’s going on, which of course isn’t necessarily to be understood by the mind.

Emotions just want to be acknowledged.

Acknowledging and expressing emotions allows our life force energy to move through us, whatever emotion that is, as they hold the key for that vibration to circulate and be sublimated into passion, creativity and manifestation.

I know of at least three ways of doing so, and please, if there’s more you want to add, don’t hesitate and share your experience!

One is observation. Know the emotion is there, witness it. I’d say almost like a meditative state detached of whatever is triggering the emotion, and let it pass by. We’re not our feelings, we’re not our emotions, the trouble comes when we identify with them. Sit with them, let them pass by, But not bypassing it, which is a completely different thing.

Sometimes, emotions can be approached with this way only, and it can be enough for them to move through without leaving any residue behind. Just pure awareness, enquiring a bit perhaps, get the answers, the gifts, the realizations and just continue.

Some others require a more actively engaged way of dealing with them so they can be integrated in our system, be fully experienced and expressed, and get the gifts that they have for us. Shaking the body, screaming, hand-screaming, beating pillows, shouting in the middle of the nature, foot stomping on the ground, tantrum, all safe ways of expressing emotions, taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically…among many other ways that involve body movement to let the energy flow and release whatever it’s there.

Two different approaches, that can be combined as we can see in Osho’s dynamic meditation where, with the support of music and the group, there’s a phase of catharsis, full on physical release, followed by another phase of stillness where realizations can come through.

I used to be the one that would always sit down and meditate, only observe. Realizing that sometimes I would fall without noticing into bypassing what’s underneath the emotion, and dive into the core of whatever is there. Now, I allow my body to move that energy through, and let the emotion be fully expressed. I find it interesting when I can do that being witnessed, or supported by others. Sometimes what we’re clearing is not even completely ours, and it’s in the field yearning to be moved.

No matter how you decide to deal with the emotion, let it move, be seen and expressed instead of suppressed (we know pretty well where suppression takes us…)

And of course, be mindful that is not about “what” triggered it (what did the other do, what’s the outside catalyst for that), it’s about “why” we got triggered and the emotion popped up, and what’s the reason for this challenge to come in our paths. There’s always a gift in any situation, for our spiritual and personal growth, and an invitation to take response-ability for our experience in life.

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