Conscious relating – Core Values and Principles: Integrity



Sharing some thoughts and feelings, Experiences, around Integrity.

For me, a core value and principle in the way i relate and express myself in the world, and so sure that if all of us step up more into this awarenes it would make such a big difference!

We’re all slowly learning. I’m also in that process. Have not figured it all out, luckyly, that means there’s much more room to learn and grow 🙂

Integrity it’s about power, strength, yet also softness and tenderness, vulnerability. It’s about owning our truth, facing the fears and challenges and express clearly what we want, need, desire, fear, breaking through what limits our experience of life.

And it’s about much more for sure!

Hope it’s inspiring or supportive for you in any way

How does integrity expresses in your life?
What does it mean to you?
What’s the practice or tool that supports your authentic expression?

Welcoming your comments

Have a lovely day!

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