Hope, love and appreciation
run through my whole system
When I meet with other brothers
sharing from our hearts.

Our challenges
Our vulnerability
Our pain, wounds, struggles
Our stories,
And together break through the BS
That holds us back from being the best version of ourselves.

Dropping competition
toughness, roughness, stiffness.

That rather than make us strong
Takes us far away from it.

We grow stronger,
When we share our vulnerability,
When we can embrace our sensitivity
Our emotions,
When we deep dive in our femenine
And embrace it.


How do you feel?
What’s challenging you?
What does it mean for you to be a man today?
What are you struggling with?

How is It for you to connect with other brothers?
and to connect with women?

A couple of hours,

Showing up

Holding each other accountable,
Is all that’s needed
To start the journey
Towards an integrated masculine.

Creating a safe space where we can support each other
Give a brother a hand when he stumbles,
Instead of stepping on him.
We’re here to help each other
On our way back home

And from that space
Come all together in circle
To celebrate life
And meet in wholeness,

As complete beings.
Holding space for ourselves
While doing so for others
Continuing the dance,

and playing
In this beautiful playground
That Earth is

That’s brotherhood connection
a chance to share
And meeting
From our hearts
Just as we are

Here is where
Now is when

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