NOW is when. HERE is where

This is an invitation, challenging you to stand on the edge of your comfort zone, where life happens.

It might sound scary, yet there's nothing to be afraid of. What would it be and how your world would look like if you were free from fears and stories that hold you back? LIVE TO THE FULLEST is about a deep trust and surrender into the Divine Design of life, reconnecting and reclaiming the power that lies within each an everyone of us, when we Dare to be fully who we are.

Live to the fullest is the outcome of going through the experience, with loving presence and awareness of what's going on. In such a way that we can  become witnesses of ourselves, rewiring, reprogaming and opening up to more and more love, abundance, energy, wisdom and our purpose to come through us. Discover and unfold yourself, getting in touch with your essence, your uniqueness, joy and gratitude for life, with all that is. All the path you walked brought you here, and here and now is where you break through fully revealing and being who you are meant to be.



A Rising Phoenix.

From hitting rock bottom to manifesting the life of his dreams, in service for deep, real & authentic expression of the self where sensuality, heart centered interactions and awareness meet towards creating nourishing and meaningful connections translated into facilitating transformational experiences where human togetherness can happen.

Born and raised in Argentina, on a hero’s journey of growth, expansion, discovery and sharing the gifts of the voyage, Coming from the background of Permaculture, Spirituality, Self-Development, Conscious Sexuality, Sexual Somatic Healing, Shamanism, Community experiences, Yoga & Tantra, he is passionate about communication, sacred sexuality, sexual empowerment and education, conscious relationships, men’s awakening and creating spaces for transformational experiences, and explore the wonders of human togetherness.

Life journey took him around the world, taking leaps into the unknown in full trust and surrender, participating and assisting in different trainings, workshops, and experiences where community, sexuality and spirituality meet (ISTA –International School of Temple Arts- Level 1, 2 and an ISTA Practitioner’s Training graduate, Tantra festivals & retreats and workshops, Ecstatic/Contact dance experiences, Sex positive community experiences and more)

Along the path, receiving endless confirmations and transmissions of the power of reclaiming and reactivating pieces of ourselves and how life changing it can be, witnessing people transforming their environment and relationships as they step more into their power moving from closure to expansion, mistrust to confidence numbness to aliveness, pleasure and joy; Embracing it all, growing into Life and Love and shining their truth.

“When we connect deep within, with our life force, our truth and get free from shame, guilt, blame, stories and conditioning, we become enlivened beings that are and embodied example of the change we want to see in the world”


Wisdom comes from experience...Explore and discover your truth, shining it with every breath and expressing more and more who you are



We are Embodied Divinity

This is an invitation to join a sacred space, created to deeply connect with yourself, owning your truth, and exploring intimacy in a mindful and loving present way. I'm passionate about the wonders of human togetherness and what happens when we step in a space beyond our personalities. Enter a space of adult exploration of intimacy, sensuality, sexuality Honoring, respecting and Acknowledging each other as a Temple of Love



Sexuality Coaching and Bodywork. 1 on 1  Online and in person sessions.

I work with people on an ongoing self development path to move from closure, mistrust, confusion and numbness to expansion, confidence, clarity and pleasure. FIND OUT MORE...



Transformational experiences

Created to dive deep within, supported by the group matrix created by courageous beings ready to see underneath and bring light into hidden places. Explore meaningful connections, embrace your primal being, dance, move, shout, laugh, cry and be welcomed as you are.  Because you're so worth it and so unique! FIND OUT MORE...


Dive even deeper

A couple of hours it's not enough to really go into the core and essence of our evolution and expansion as human beings. This experiences are designed as a journey, dedicating ourselves to a full blown immersion that will allow us to discover more pieces of ourselves and support our path of growth and activation as fully empowered orgasmic beings. FIND OUT MORE...


They dared to explore the edge, and found the gifts of their courage.

"I really enjoyed the Conscious Relating workshop series with Juan. He guided us gently through a series of exercises, each deepening the exploration of the one before. Even in the days between the workshops the subtle effects could still be felt. I want to express my gratitude to Juan for taking such good care of us and guiding us so mindfully on the journey."Carolin,
"The time spent in the circles gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better and more in depth, to tap into my masculine energy and be at peace with it and to get the chance to connect with others on a deep level, getting in touch with our divine energies and our profound feelings/desires/fears."Oli,
"This journey helped me become aware of the beauty and power of compassionate,deep listening and understanding as well as the synchronising energies within and between us. A truly wonderful opportunity to love and be loved. An opportunity to break down the walls and build bridges instead" K,

Support the flow of the Gift

Your support, even when it might seem small, can make a huge difference. Through GoFundMe and PayPal, welcoming and receiving Loving Financial Donations, that support spreading the seeds of this powerFull work. Gratefully giving and receiving. The more we step in gratitude, the more can flow through, from and to us. Click on the button or send a message to find out how

Blog and writings

Thoughts, feelings, realizations, juice and other treasures from Living life to the Fullest



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